How To Slice Ham Thinly At Home?

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We all want to serve thin and crisp slices of well-cooked ham at our homes. This is easier said than done! Cutting up thin slices of ham is a task difficult enough in itself, leave alone cooking it to perfection.

It is definitely a plus if you start out with cutting out the perfect slices so that cooking can be done evenly and efficiently. The slicing of ham plays much more of a role in creating a well-cooked dish than people give it credit for.

How to slice ham thinly at home

However, great amount of practice is needed in cutting up beautifully thin slices of meat to serve in their dishes. This is definitely a more demanding task to accomplish at home.

Why is it hard to slice ham thinly?

If you’re new to cutting and cooking meat all by yourself, you might wonder why it is a big deal to cut think slices of ham. Well, to understand this better you must know that the sharpness of your knife is really important in determining how well it can cut the ham slices.

Sometimes cutting with blunt knives can lead to crumbling of the meat before a slice can be cut. If you cut too slowly then too, there are chances of half a slice falling apart before it can reach through to the end. Thus, meat slicing requires some skill, to begin with, and also due knowledge of what equipment should be used.

Tips for slicing ham thinly at home

If you want to slice ham thinly at home, here are some tips you can follow to do so easily. You need a sharp knife, a cutting board, a freezer and some cut-proof gloves for protection.

Begin with putting the meat into the freezer to harden it for easy cutting. This is pretty different than the cutting of other kinds of meat that are often defrosted to cut easily. When it comes to slices, you need to make the meat sturdy, so no breaking or falling apart takes place.

After freezing the meat for 20 to 30 minutes, you need to take it out of the freezer to proceed with the cutting.

The next step is to make sure that the knife that you use is really sharp. This is extremely important! Try to check for it sharpness by cutting some vegetables roughly or spare pieces of food to make sure it really has that sharp cutting edge. Only then proceed with cutting the actual ham so that no meat is wasted.

After removing the ham from the freezer, place it onto a cutting board and then put on your cut-proof gloves. Make sure the cutting surface is clean to ensure proper hygiene as your meat is coming in direct contact with it.

Do not underestimate the importance of safety gear for cutting meat. Make sure you use cut-proof gloves as you are going to be dealing with some really sharp knives and thin slices which can be difficult and there are chances your knife hits the wrong spots on the cutting board.

Even seasoned cooks use cut resistant gloves, and so you definitely must is you are an amateur here.

Hold your knife in one hand while the other hand holds the meat firmly. Now, start with cutting across the grain from one edge as close to the end as possible. Go along the path of the ham and keep making even cuts or angled ones if that makes it easier for your meat. Make as many slices as you need and then refrigerate the remaining ham.

If you see uneven cuts or any crumbling happening, then check if your handy is cutting steadily enough as well as if the knife is sharp enough. Once, these are ensured cutting up perfectly, even thin slices of ham can be a much easier task.

Follow these simple tips to get easy and perfect slices of ham for your home-cooked dish.

How to slice ham thinly using an meat slicer?

If you’re a frequent meat cooker, then you can invest in an meat slicer, which can make the cutting process not only faster but a lot more efficient. You no longer need to spend a lot of time in prepping for the cook, and you can directly proceed to the actual cooking much smoothly.

A meat slicer is very easy to use and gives accurately even slices of meat, perfect for even cooks and even better for food presentation. You just need to attach your food to a sliding tray which can then be passed through the razor blade of the electric slicer.

The meat slicers are really sharp and really fast, so you need to take care that you follow all safety precautions before making any slices. With safety precautions and techniques in mind, meat slicers can be great for cutting meat at home or in professional cooking environments.

How to slice ham thinly with a knife?

If you want to use a knife for slicing thin pieces of ham, then it is vital that you get a big sharp knife that can cut through easily. Wear some protective gloves before proceeding with the cutting. You can start from one end, making even cuts and proceed throughout the length of the meat. Make sure you use frozen ham to make firm cuts easily.

These are some things you can keep in mind to cut ham and cook to perfection. Understand the cutting techniques and follow safety precautions to get the best slices and cook your delicacies. Happy cutting and happy cooking!

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