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I am Brendan Hill, and I believe this will be your number one resource for Meat and Meat Processing Queries.

One of my main focus would be on Meat Processing Equipment since I am a hardcore meat lover and love to cook my own meat. I have been cooking since the time my mo taught me her secret recipe for her brisket.

If you think all meat processing equipment is created equal? Not so fast! In the world of butchered meats, you often get what you pay for.

That’s why I aim to offer up reviews of high-quality meat processing products that you can count on to get the job done right the first time. I have thoroughly looked at every product from the perspective of professionals in the meat processing industry. If we wouldn’t use it in our own kitchens, we would never recommend it to you.

From professional meat-slicers with automatic chain-driven carriages and manual, gravity-feed slicing to home-based models for that perfect “deli-thin” sandwich, I have sorted through top brands to find the best of the bunch.

Whether it’s a Hobart Center Line Edge slicer built to last or a simple Cuisinart for the home, I know what makes one slicer better a better fit for your daily needs. I would never recommend a slicer with the wrong mechanical pressure or fewer options for a sanitary cut, especially if those things are high on your priority list. Whether it is a medium-duty slicer with an automatic feed or a heavy-duty slicer with an anodized aluminum base, I can help to coordinate your needs with just the perfect tool.

If you’re someone who wants to infuse meats with that extra hit of flavor and juiciness, you’ll find a host of reviews concentrating on meat injectors and flavorings. A great injector cedes you control over flavor.

Of course, you’ll need an injector that can easily penetrate even the toughest cuts of meat. Whether you’re toying with the idea of a stainless steel injector with a two-ounce barrel or something more robust.

A great injector shouldn’t just improve a good cut, it should be easy to use, easy to clean, and ready to stand up to the hardships of a busy kitchen.

Of course, a flavorful cut of meat means nothing if the meat itself is tough or difficult to chew. That’s why we focus on every aspect of meat processing in our review process.

Electric meat tenderizers and meat mallets may be intended to soften different meat types and cuts, but how do they stand up to long term use?

Can one tenderizer move the fibers of the meat farther apart than another, allowing that cut to absorb just the right amount of liquid? These are questions every professional and home cook asks.

I am here to answer those questions and simplify the process. When searching my site for meat tenderizers, know that we examine how the tiny blades craft the perfect puncture and exactly how easy each tenderizing tool will perform with long-term use.

Obviously, there’s more than just tender chicken cutlets and thinly pounded steaks to consider.  What about crafting your own sausages from beef, venison, or pork? Why outsource or buy when you can process those meats on your own, lending greater flavor and control over what’s going into the perfect link?

Sausage stuffers from brands such as Weston and Dakotah can impart mouth-watering flavor no one will soon forget.

But what is the process like? Is a Weston sausage stuffer better for professional or home use? Will you need a 5-lb or 7-lb model?  We’re focused on reviewing products that are durable, long-lasting, and efficient in getting every task done right the first time.

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