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Different Types of Grills

15 Types of Grills | Which One Should You Get (Beginner & Pros)

I’ve owned a Char-Broil gas grill for the past 10 years and started my grilling journey with it. Even though it’s served me well, it’s been acting up a bit lately and a little tough to work with. So, I found myself on the shopping trail for a new grill, and to be honest, the…

Meat Grilling for Beginners 101

Meat Grilling for Beginners 101 – The Only Guide You Will Need

There’s nothing more enticing to your senses and taste buds than the smell of a fired-up grill. However, grilling is not just about tossing the burgers on the cooking grate, but there’s a lot more that goes into the process—this is something I learned the hard way! Therefore, to help you avoid the same mistakes,…

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Weber Grill Vent Settings

A Comprehensive Guide on Weber Grill Vent Settings

I’m often flooded with questions regarding all aspects of grilling, but one of the interesting ones I’ve come across lately is what are Weber grill vents, more specifically what are the best Weber grill vent settings. Well, the answer to these questions is a bit complex, but I’ve crafted a comprehensive guide on Weber grill…

Weber vs Broil King Grills

Weber vs Broil King Grills – Which Gas Grill Should You Buy?

I’ve lately been checking out several leading brands in the grill segment, and have compared several grill models alongside such as the Weber vs. Monument Grills showdown. Since Weber is my favorite brand so far and I’ve owned myriad different models over the years, today I’m doing a head-to-head comparison between Weber vs Broil King…

Can You Burn Wood in a Weber Grill

Can You Burn Wood in a Weber Grill? [And How To Start A Wood Fire]

One of the burning questions I’ve been receiving lately from readers is can you burn wood in a Weber grill? And the answer is a resounding “YES”! You can burn wood and charcoal in your Weber grill, and in fact, doing so is a very effective way of transferring both heat and flavor to your…

Which Way Do Weber Grill Grates Go

Which Way Do Weber Grill Grates Go?

I’ve owned several Weber grills over the years, and not to brag, but I’m pretty good at assembling them too! But what I was initially confused when assembling my first Weber grill was to figure out which way the grill grate would go. Well, the answer to which way Weber grill grates go is that…

How to Add More Charcoal to Grill While Grilling

How to Add More Charcoal to Grill While Grilling?

Multiple times, I’ve watched people give up on handling a charcoal grill altogether because they didn’t know how to properly operate it. I had the same problem once and I was sort of nervous since the heat simmered down but my meat wasn’t even done halfway. Nerve-wracking, I know. However, I didn’t throw the charcoal…

How to Fix Rusted Grill Bottom

How to Fix Rusted Grill Bottom? [8 Highly Effective Ways]

One of the most common things between appliances and most things for that matter is age, and when it comes to grills, this means rust! Grills are prone to rust especially at the bottom, owing to their steel construction! But the good news is that there are several ways to get rid of a rusted…