Meat Thermometer

Candy Thermometer vs Meat Thermometer

Candy Thermometer vs Meat Thermometer – 6 Main Differences And Similarities

A sugar thermometer or a candy thermometer is used to measure the sugar solution’s temperature while it is being cooked. It is used during the different stages of cooking the solution to check the progress and quality. Similarly, a meat thermometer is used to check the internal temperature of different meats, especially steaks and roasts, among other preparations and dishes. Here are the 6 main differences (and some similarities) between a candy thermometer and a meat thermometer:

Can you use a meat thermometer for oil

Can You Use A Meat Thermometer For Oil?

Controlling the temperature of the oil can be the make or break of some cooking attempts. Some dishes like crepes are extremely temperature-sensitive and need the right oil temperature to cook to perfection. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could simply use something like a meat thermometer? Well, could you? Many of you, while wanting…

Internal Cooking Temperature of Pork Roast

What is the Internal Cooking Temperature of Pork?

Cooking pork to the right temperature can be a tricky affair. Under-cooked meat can pose some serious health issues which also need to be avoided. An internal temperature of 145-160° F is recommended by the FDA, for pork cooking, depending on which part or organ is being cooked. Consuming Pork that is well cooked is…

Where To Put Meat Thermometer In A Turkey

Where To Put A Meat Thermometer In A Turkey?

Nothing says holiday get together quite like a room full of family and friends, too many sides, and a turkey roasting in the oven. And although we love nothing more than a post-thanksgiving turkey coma, turkey in all its forms can be enjoyed year-round as part of your weekly meal plan! In fact, turkey is…

Can you leave a meat thermometer in the oven

Can You Leave A Meat Thermometer In The Oven?

If you love to cook, then you know how a meat thermometer helps to understand if the meat is cooked. Many experienced cooks can easily estimate the doneness of the meat by eyeballing it. Ask your mother or grandmother – they’re likely to be scandalized by the idea of a thermometer. So do you really…