Can You Slice Bread Using a Meat Slicer?

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Let’s face it; almost all of us have often wondered if we could use a meat slicer to cut more than just meat. After all, it does look like a versatile piece of machinery, offering more than one way to utilize.

But for those of you who think that a meat slicer looks like something that belongs in a woodworker’s shop rather than a kitchen, we’ve got good news. This seemingly intimidating device can indeed make your life easier by slicing everything from chunks of meat, full blocks of cheese, veggies, and even bread.

Can You Slice Bread Using a Meat Slicer

Yes, you heard that right! You CAN slice bread using a meat slicer, but only if you know how to do it right. And if you’ve never done it before, then do not worry about it. You would primarily need to have the ideal meat slicer blade and you need to partially freeze the bread to start the process.

Keep on reading this guide to find out the steps.

Steps to cut bread using a meat slicer

1. Use a serrated blade

Serrated BladesWhile using a thin blade might be best when it comes to getting paper-thin slices of meat, a serrated blade will let you cut bread with maximum efficiency.

Since bread can crumble, using a serrated variant makes sure you experience it as less as possible. This also means your experience will not be a messy one.

The same principle goes for cheese too FYI as it sticks to objects.

2. The bread should be partially frozen (if possible)

Everything firm and shapely is easier to cut with a meat slicer, including bread. So, try putting bread inside the refrigerator the night before to get it cold and firm, and then slice it. You’ll feel the difference right away! Caution: don’t put the bread inside the freezer, or you’ll end up completely ruining the bread.

3. Don’t put too much effort

This advice applies to meat as well—don’t force the slicer to do its job. While you might feel that giving the stage a little more push across the blade might result in better (and maybe faster) cuts, that’s rarely the case. The bread should ideally glide right through; and forcing the slicer can lead to wearing out of the motor. Don’t do it!

4. Feed the flat surface first

Cut your bread in half before you start feeding it to the meat slicer as that creates a flat surface that’ll face the blade. Putting the flat surface in first, allows the blade to cut through easily and gives you pieces of uniform size.

5. Do not forget the possibility of cross-contamination

Since we’re talking about cutting bread with a ‘meat slicer,’ you can never ignore the possibility of cross-contamination due to carelessness. If you ever forget to clean the machine after slicing meat, and then go on to slice bread, you’ll be in big trouble! So, always remember to clean the slicer immediately after use.

Specialized Bread Slicing Equipment

If you are not comfortable using a meat slicer for slicing your blades of if you need to purchase a new blade for the meat slicer for slicing breads then you can alternatively think about purchasing a specialized bread slicer.

These products are easily fold-able, inexpensive, doesn’t use power and easy to clean, maintain and use. They also help you make uniform thickness bread slices much faster than using a meat slicer.

Check out the list of bread slicers below which are worth purchasing if you were to slice bread yourself regularly.

Final Words

Meat slicers can be used to cut more than meat, and there’s no doubt about that. With the right slicer and technique, you’ll be creating the perfect slices of bread in no time. If you are to slice breads regularly then it is better to go with a specialized bread slicer. Hope you enjoyed reading our guide.

Till next time!

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