Best Manual Meat Slicer Reviews in 2023 [Unbiased Review & Buying Guide]

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Nothing makes your job easier than a meat slicer, especially when cutting bigger pieces of meat. Slicing meat with a knife is a very cumbersome process.

Unless you have a lot of practice, it is very hard to get uniformly thick slices using a knife. Other than speed, a meat slicer adds up as a versatile tool for producing the exact thickness of sliced meat you want.

Best Manual Meat Slices

Previously, meat slicers have had their place in the butcher shops and meat shops. However, users are finding it irresistible to have this appliance at home since it has multiple benefits.

Other than the simplicity that comes with its use, you will love the way it customizes your meat into the slices you require. This allows you to cook a variety of delicacies that demand sliced meat as an ingredient.

The market has hundreds of these manual meat slicers.

I understand how frustrating it is to select the best for your requirement since I had to go through the same process and researched at least 15 different manual meat slicers before zeroing in on the Befen Manual Meat Slicer.

The whole process involved searching on Amazon or Ebay, find the various models, read the product descriptions, read the user reviews, making a comparing list of the features of each model and price and then making the final decision based on requirement, feature fit and price.

It took me 5 days to decide on my manual meat slicer!

Then I thought why throw off all the info I have gathered during the process?

That led me to create this article wherein I have chosen the top 5 manual meat slicers, according to me, based on my own experience with the Befen Manual Meat Slicer and hands-on research on internet and at Walmart.

Having one of these meat slicers guarantees you quality and functionality. Follow through to see what each slicer has and whether it suits your requirements and budget.

Top 5 Manual Meat Slicer Review

1. Befen Manual Frozen Meat Slicer Review

Are you trying to slice a variety of meat for your recipe? Then the Befen Manual Frozen Meat Slicer will be ideal. The slicer comes from quality steel for durability as well as ease of cleaning.

Additionally, the multipurpose meat slicer allows you to prepare different types of foods since the meat slices feature sizes for recipes of your choice. This means that you will save a lot of money over the years.

This slicer makes your work easier since the sharp blade length of 170mm slices the size of the meat you prefer. This is possible since the blade features a smooth handle. Besides, there is a support section for your left hand to prevent the tool from moving.

Main Features:

  • Sharp blade measuring 170mm
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Weighs 2.3 kgs
  • Ergonomic handle and hand support available


  • Durable construction from steel to serve you for ages and make cleaning easy
  • Versatile therefore cuts both vegetables and meat


  • The blade is super sharp and can easily cut your fingers if not alert or not wearing protective gloves.

If you are looking for an appliance to add to your kitchen, then this slicer will make a difference. It is affordable and functional. Above all, it comes with a one year warranty so that you can buy with confidence.

2. Stainless Steel Meat Slicer Review

Perhaps you are on a budget and still want the professional sliced meat? Well, this meat slicer will cover you up. The slicer is a cutting board that comes with a ten-inch professional knife so that you can uniformly cut your meat slices to suit your needs.

The cutting board and the knife is made of quality stainless steel, and this is important for those who value quality. Besides, the tools never rust due to the materials used. Additionally, this tool has adjustable nylon spacers so that you can adjust the cut thickness an inch at a time.

Lastly, this meat slicer is a versatile type that will cut your meat and slice tomatoes as well. This makes your work easier and also saves time.

Main Features:

  • Has adjustable nylon spacers
  • Comes with a 10-inch knife
  • Safe and convenient since it comes from food-grade materials
  • Both knife and board come from stainless steel
  • Has a warranty and a support system


  • Versatile for both meat and tomatoes hence saves time and resources
  • Safe and convenient to use since it’s slip-resistant and adjustable


  • The assembling isn’t hard but tedious; hence the need to remain keen with the washers and nuts.

If you want professional-looking meat slices, then this meat slicer is highly recommended. It’s easy to use and remains stable on your table, guaranteeing your safety.

3. Advanced Beef Jerky Slicer Kit Review

This beef jerky slicer kit guarantees you uniform slices since it features 2 thickness-adjustable food grade spacers. This saves you from the eyeballing where you are cutting.

This is a value-for-money manual meat slicer as it delivers the outcomes at par with electricity slicers. Therefore you won’t spend a lot buying an electric slicer.

Additionally, this meat slicer is easy to use and the 10-inch sharp knife never fails to deliver the one-time cut. The ergonomic design of the knife also makes the cutting effortless.

Main Features:

  • Two adjustable thickness food grade spacers
  • Comes with a 10-inch sharp knife
  • Adjustable knife guide and rails
  • Crafts from quality steel hence durable and easy to clean
  • 100% money-back guarantee plus customer care support


  • Fast, easy, fun and versatile for your kitchen slicing
  • Long-lasting since the components crafts from steel


  • A bit slow when compared to the electric types

Ever wanted to experience the magical cuts that come with a meat slicer? Well, the best buy is this Advanced Beef Jerky Slicer. It is versatile, durable, and safe to use. Above all, it comes with one year warranty and an assurance of support.

4. YaeGarden Frozen Meat Slicer Review

Just like other meat slicers, the YaeGarden Frozen Meat Slicer is made from quality steel, and that’s why it’s durable and easy to clean. The blade is extremely sharp so that you make the perfect cut in the first attempt.

Additionally, the meat slicer comes with an adjustable nut where you can adjust it from 0.3 mm to 15 mm so that you can achieve the various cut sizes you require; this allows you to prepare different types of foods since the cuts add the correct sizing requirement.

This blade is a special type since it features a cutting distance of 150mm with a speed of 60piece/minutes hence completes your kitchen cutting faster than using the traditional ways.

This manual meat slicer lies stable on your table and hence safe while using. However, you need to be careful while cutting since the blade is super sharp and dangerous.

Main Features:

  • Sharp blade measures 150mm
  • Made from quality steel
  • Features an adjustable nut for customized cutting
  • Speed of 60irece/minutes
  • Availability of customer care services after purchase


  • Versatile so that you can prepare your meals with the correct slices
  • Durable and functional type hence lasts you for ages


  • No safety lock which makes storage difficult

Finally, this is a slicer that will never break your bank when compared to other options in the same bracket. Therefore, purchasing it is a well-thought addition to your kitchen appliances. You will appreciate the results.

5. Seeutek Manual Frozen Meat Slicer Review

Users describe it as a long-lasting manual frozen meat slicer that is effortless to wash. It saves time since the blades are sharp and precise.

The appliance measures are 46cm x 16cm x 12cm with a blade length of 17cm. These measurements make the model versatile for all your cutting needs, especially meat and tomatoes. You will get the type of slices you need as the thickness of the slices can be adjusted through 0.2mm to 25mm.

The meat slicer comes with manual instruction so that you find it easy to use for all your cutting requirements. Moreover, the meat slicer comes with a warranty and supportive customer care after you buy it. This means that you will have all your concerns resolved easily.

Main Features:

  • The meat slicer measures 46cm*16cm*12cm with a blade length of 17 cm
  • Made from steel
  • Adjustable slices through 0.2mm to 25mm
  • Weights 2.5kgs hence portable
  • Stable while in use


  • A multifunctional tool for most of your kitchen slicing
  • Features a high-quality construction hence durable


  • Cannot cut through bones

Since this slicer has the best quality constructed from steel, you don’t have to worry about rust. It is a type that you can buy and see the outcomes for age. Luckily, the tool isn’t costly and therefore, buy it with confidence.

How Much Does a Manual Meat Slicer Cost?

A manual meat slicer comes in different varieties. The varieties include the brand, quality, and ease of use. Depending on the materials used when making the unit, there will be variation in prices. Some types are less costly, and we have those that are expensive.

The price ranges between $30-$150 depending on the brand and the ease of use. It is advisable that when you want a long-lasting manual meat slicer, then go for the expensive one since they have an unmatched quality.

Buying Guide for Manual Meat Slicers

Before you decide to buy that meat slicer, you must do thorough research so that the important things do not bypass you. The following are some of the crucial things you need to have at the back of your mind so that you can get a manual grinder that meets your requirements.


Slicers come in different sizes. We have the ones that have fixed dimensions while cutting the slices. However, for you to get the customized slices, you must have a slicer with adjustable components. This means that you will have the size of the meat sliced correctly to suit your requirements. In most cases, adjustable types will vary from mm to mm.


If you have an adjustable meat slicer, then it’s automatically that the type will adapt to various uses. Well, a great slicer works on different types of meats and also cut vegetables such as slicing tomatoes. This is key since it eliminates the strain that comes as a result of using different cutting tools.


This is a priority. Nobody wants to buy a substandard tool for the kitchen. Above all, everyone wants a kitchen-grade tool that has passed the quality standards. Therefore, we advocate that you get a manual slicer made from steel. Both the board and the knife should feature excellent quality for durability and ease of cleaning. Besides, the best quality means that you will find it easy to use.


Pricing and quality go hand in hand. Often, the highly-priced manual meat slicers will have the best construction and additional functions. More so, the model will be effortless to use. Therefore, while selecting based on the pricing, first observe the quality band then purchase. At this point, consider your budget and find out if it’s within your means. It’s proper to buy when there are discounts and offers since the best qualities will go for lower prices.

Top Brands of Manual Meat Slicers and Where to Buy One

There are hundreds of brands selling the best manual meat slicers. However, not all guarantee you the best.

As much as we have big names like Cuisinart, there are also other brands like Seeutek, Shop-ezy, YaeGarden, and Befen.

These brands craft from excellent quality stainless steel hence durable and functional.

You can buy them online on Amazon, Ebay or Walmart.

We have included some of these brands in our review above for you to purchase easily.

By clicking on the links above, you will be able to find the current prices and discounts available on Amazon.

Safety Measures While Using Manual Meat Slicers

Manual meat slicing means that your hands are involved directly in the process. Some dangers come with these and hence the need to be attentive when slicing. Here are some of the top measures you need to take before you start slicing.

  • Go through the manual to find out how the grinder should be used safely. The manual comes with the grinder. Alternatively, you can go online and see how other users have been using the tool.
  • Grease the movable parts for efficiency. Well, the grinders with moving parts require greasing before use to prevent wear and tear. Greasing improves efficiency.
  • The slicer should lie on a flat surface to prevent slip and fall, which might damage the tool. As well, the tool can easily injure you during the slicing if not positioned well.
  • Take caution while cleaning and avoid the sharp blades. Mostly, manufacturers include the manual for safe cleaning. Moreover, the gloves will still be effective to safeguard you while cleaning.


The manual meat slicer for home use is not easy to find. You need knowledge about the different types on the market. Luckily, that is what we have shared in this review. The guide intends to shorten your research time and improve the way you use your meat slicers.

By sharing the top brands, we hope it will ease the huddle that comes with buying. Just pick the one that excites you most and observe the transformation in your kitchen. If you have questions, kindly leave a reply below, and we’ll try to answer in the best way possible.

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