What to Put Under Grill on Grass?

  • By: Brendan

There’s no better barbecue than an outdoor one! That sweet smell of nature while grilling some chunky, mouth-watering, and tasty meat and veggies – I’ve felt it, you’ve felt it, and I bet it stuck around in your memory too.

Nevertheless, grilling has its own potential risks, and barbecuing with your grill on the grass is one of them. I always remember to take something when I venture outdoors because I also have grass in my backyard where I usually grill. Most of the time that something is a grill mat.

What to Put Under Grill on Grass

The grill mat is my best friend when I take my grill in nature. Still, this friend of ours isn’t the only thing you can use to put under your grill if it’s on grass.

Before I tell you what to put under the grill, let’s look at some of the reasons why setting up your grill directly on grass is not a wise idea.

Can you Put the Grill Directly on Grass?

Yes, you can – it’s not physically impossible, and you can still get the job done, but your grill will be uneven most of the time. The unevenness of the grass may cause certain issues, like a steak that’s half-cooked on one side and over-cooked on the other.

Unevenness is one thing, but if you’re really not paying attention and place the grill on bumpy grass, it might tip over. The added danger of causing fire if the grass around your grill is dry when it tips over is a major no-no and can lead to calling the fire department.

If you have artificial grass back home, note that it can take up more damage than your regular grass. However, artificial grass has its downsides, too – even though it’s fireproof – it will probably still melt if it comes into contact with smoldering ashes and amber.

Look at it this way, artificial grass is made out of plastic, and if it comes into contact with fire, you don’t want to stick around smelling it when it melts.

What Can you Put Underneath a Grill on Grass?

After you’ve evaluated the possible risks of placing your grill directly on grass and made up your mind on avoiding them, the question of “what to put under grill on grass” comes next. Preferably, the most appropriate thing that you can buy to place underneath a grill is a fireproof and even material.

Grill Mats/Pads

Grilling mats or pads should be your go-to material for putting underneath your grill to keep the grass below safe. This is because grill mats are manufactured with fiberglass, coated with fireproof PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) that won’t stick on your grill.

Grill on Grill Mats on Grass

The most interesting part is that you can cut down the grill mat to whatever size fits your grill. Pay attention when cutting out the grill mat, though, and ensure it’s bigger than the grill so that there’s enough space if amber and sparks start flying around. A grill mat will protect the lawn or grass around you from the grill’s scorching heat.

Grillaholics BBQ Grill Mat is considered the best grill mat on the market. However, the single downside of using a grill mat is that you’ll need to buy new ones over and over again since they’re not really sturdy. On the plus side, grill mats are not pricey at all.

Paving Stones

Grill on Paving Stone

Paving stones aren’t necessarily made out of stones. Sure enough, most of them are made from stone, but you can get yourself brick, limestone, or even concrete ones. One thing you have to bear in mind is getting non-permanent paving stones since you don’t have to dig a hole to put them in place.

This, in turn, will keep the grass safe and will provide a robust base for the grill. It’s one of the most efficient and best methods of protecting your grass against flame and damage. Choosing a leveled surface is a must for both the paving stones and the grill.

There are slight drawbacks to using this procedure, as it takes more time to complete the paving than placing a grill mat. Still, it’s not that time-consuming, and it’s relatively simple to put the paving stones together. Additionally, you might damage the grass but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Deck Tiles

If you want a long-lasting place to put your grill in your grass yard – deck tiles are your best ally. Find your ideal deck tiles that can interlock between one another so you can place them wherever you want – all by yourself. The one thing that you have to consider is whether the deck tiles are made from a heat-resistant material.

It will take you about a couple of minutes to put the deck tiles together. After that, you just need to put the grill down on the tiles, and you’re all set for a rather long time! When the season changes and you can’t grill in your yard, you may simply remove the tiles and place the grill somewhere safe. Oh, let’s not forget – deck tiles are simple to clean with a little bit of rubbing with a sponge and soapy water.

The Takeaway

Protecting the grass that’s underneath your grill is a must. You can put out the grill directly on grass, but there’s the potential danger of your grill tipping over if the grass is uneven. Furthermore, if the grass is parched, a simple spark or flare from the grill can light the grass on fire – putting you in a brutal and unwanted situation.

Of course, the worst of all – unevenly cooked meat! Make sure to avoid this nightmare and always use any of the materials mentioned in our article.

A grill mat is the best option since you can take it with you if you’re thinking about going outdoors for an awesome barbecuing delight. The other options work best when barbecuing in your backyard – they’re more static than the grill mat.

The material you go for doesn’t really matter as long as the grass is protected, a spark can’t cause a wildfire, and your meat is evenly cooked and juicy!

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