Napoleon Rogue vs Prestige | Which is the better Napoleon BBQ Grill?

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My dad is in the market for a new gas grill and surprisingly doesn’t mind splurging on a premium model. My advice to him—get a Napoleon!

Napoleon manufactures a variety of different grills including charcoal and portable grills, but since my dad prefers clean cooking and easy cleanup, A Napoleon gas grill is a great choice.

Just like the different types of grills, Napoleon offers a long list of gas grill models. But the company’s Rogue and prestige models are two bestselling gas grills in their lineup.

Napoleon Rogue vs Prestige

So, without further ado, let’s see how the Napoleon Rogue 425 and Prestige Pro 500 models stack up against each other.

Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 vs Rogue 425

1. Main Grilling Features and Functionality

The Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 is an infrared natural gas grill that’s loaded with high-performance features to make grilling easier and impressive.

It’s equipped with the company’s iconic WAVE cooking grids, and proximity lighting, where the grids are aptly named for their wave shape. The proximity lighting shines a logo light on the ground when this feature is engaged.

However, the wave shape isn’t just for sear marks, but encourages even heating, and provides more surface area.

The Napoleon Pro 500 is perhaps one of the few grills in its segment that comes with an illuminated cooking area and storage area for convenient cooking at any time of the day.

Adding to its long list of grilling features are the onsite LED Spectrum NIGHT LIGHT Control Knobs, which as the name would suggest almost unlimited color options for memorable nighttime entertainment.

Speaking of grilling, the Napoleon Pro 500 natural gas grill features a rear infrared rotisserie burner, which is perfect for high heat searing and low spit roasting. It comes with an instant and reliable ignition system for quick startups.

The Rogue 425 is a mid-range model in the company’s gas grill portfolio, therefore doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of the Prestige Pro 500 natural gas grill.

It boasts precise temperature control and allows you to achieve high heat searing temperatures. Adding to this, the Napoleon Rogue 425 gas grill comes with wave-shaped grids for even heat transfer and a great sear.

The Napoleon Rogue 425 gas grill is also fitted with an instant, reliable ignition system that is designed to shoot a jet of flame to light each gas burner individually.

In the event a burner fails to light, the embedded cross-lighting brackets automatically light the adjacent burners.

Unlike the Napoleon Pro 500 grill that uses the natural gas connection in your home, the Rogue 425 grill uses a propane tank, which can be tucked away in the dedicated slot in the cabinet.

2. Burner Quality

The Rogue 425 gas grill is fitted with high-performance burners that provide the perfect balance of fuel and oxygen, along with fuel efficiency and even heating.

Additionally, the burner control knobs feature an ergonomic design and a smooth grip for the ultimate grilling experience.

The Prestige Pro 500 comes with a rear-mounted rotisserie burner that allows you to achieve high heat searing and slow spit roasting.

Given that it’s an infrared natural gas grill, the Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 features sizzle zone burners that collectively force ignite the gas through 1000’s of small holes in the onboard ceramic plate.

3. Cooking Temperature Ranges

The Napoleon Rogue 425 gas grill offers 42,000 BTUs of heat power and can reach temperatures up to 700-degrees F.

Rogue 425 Temp Range
Rogue 425 Temp Range

The Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 provides 80,000 BTUs of high heat power, and can heat up to 1800°F in just 30 seconds.

Prestige pro Temp Range
Prestige Pro 500 Temp Range

4. Quality of Construction & Build

The Rogue 425 propane gas grill measures 47.50 inches in height (open), 51 inches in width, and 21 inches in depth. It is crafted from premium quality stainless-steel and is topped with a black finish.

The Rogue 425 is fitted with a low-profile lid that lifts easily and retains heat for even heating.

The Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 natural gas infrared grill measures 51.75 inches in height, 66.50 inches in width, and 25.50 inches in depth.

It features a shining stainless steel body for enhanced durability against the elements, complete with chrome details for a touch of luxury.

The Prestige Pro 500 natural gas grill comes with a roll-top lid for convection heating and oven-like cooking. This lid uses center gravity to lift smoothly, and save space.

5. Ease of Usage

Both the Napoleon 425 and Prestige Pro 500 grills are a joy to use with their large control knobs at the front, and temperature gauges built into their lids.

The control knobs of the 425 grill feature a rubberized grip, whereas the Prestige Pro 500 steps it up a few notches with safety glow knobs. It also comes with a proximity light display for an inviting experience when cooking.

Furthermore, both grills come with an innovative, easy to use, and reliable ignition system for quick startups every time.

6. Grilling Space Available

The Napoleon 425 gas grill offers an 18 x 23.75-inch cooking area, which is just right to cook 26 burgers at one time.

The Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 infrared natural gas grill offers a little larger 17.75 x 28-inch cooking area, which can accommodate roughly 31 burgers at a time.

Adding to this, the Prestige Pro 500 also comes with a separate sizzle zone side burner, and its side shelf can be converted into a drinks station with its integrated ice bucket or used for marinating. This side shelf also features a cutting board for easy prep.

7. Fuel Efficiency

The fuel efficiency varies between the Napoleon 425 propane gas grill and Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 natural gas grill because they basically use two different types of fuel options.

The fuel efficiency of the Prestige Pro 500 grill depends on the natural gas rate in your area but roughly works out to a third for natural gas compared to propane.

Propane contains more energy than natural gas, which in terms of numbers is 2,500 BTUs per cubic foot as compared to 1,000 BTUs for natural gas.

Although the costs vary, the cost to refill a propane tank is between $3 to $5 a gallon. The fuel efficiency of both grill models also depends on how often you use the grill.

8. Grate Quality

The Napoleon Rogue 425 grill comes with porcelain-coated wave cooking grates that are resistant to rust, and provide even heat transfer.

The Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 grill is fitted with 9.5mm stainless steel wave cooking grates that also provide even heat transfer, and prevent food items from falling into the grill.

9. Storage Capacity

The Napoleon 425 propane gas grill features a large, one-door, sleek enclosed storage cart that is protected from the elements for long-lasting durability.

The Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 grill features illuminated interior storage complete with two soft-close doors.

10. Weight & Portability

Both the Napoleon 425 and Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 come with wheels at the bottom to easily move them around across places.

With regards to weight, the Napoleon 425 tips the scales at 131 lbs, and the prestige Pro 500 at 241 lbs.

11. Ease of Cleaning & Maintenance

The Napoleon 425 and Prestige Pro 500 are both gas grills, therefore are easy to clean compared to their charcoal counterparts.

You can clean the two models with dish soap and water, or much more efficiently by using chemicals like baking soda and water or vinegar and water.

12. Price & Warranty

The Napoleon Rogue 425 gas grill is priced above $600 USD and is backed by a manufacturer 15-year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Its bigger brother, the Prestige Pro 500 is priced above $2,000 USD, and comes with a manufacturer lifetime bumper to bumper warranty.

13. After-Sale Service Quality

Napoleon is a leading brand in the grilling space and provides unsurpassed after-sale support on all its grill models via phone, social media, and email.

14. Resell Value

The resell value of the Napoleon 425 and Prestige Pro grill depends on age and condition. You can check similar listings on eBay or Craigslist to get an idea of how much you will fetch for a used grill.

15. Value for Money

Both the Napoleon 425 and Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 grills provide great value for money at their respective price points.

List of Features of Napoleon Prestige Pro 500

  • Natural gas grill with infrared rear and side burners
  • High-quality stainless steel iconic WAVE cooking grates
  • Shining stainless steel body
  • 1800° infrared side burner
  • LED spectrum NIGHT LIGHT control knobs
  • Instant reliable ignition
  • Automatically relights
  • Premium quality stainless steel burners
  • Integrated ice bucket and cutting board
  • ACCU-PROBE temperature gauge
  • Dual level stainless steel sear plates
  • Roll top convection lid
  • Interior grill lights
  • Optional cast iron charcoal tray

List of Features of Napoleon Rogue 425

  • Premium quality gas grill with an affordable price
  • Three premium quality stainless steel burners light every time with a battery-free ignition
  • Precise temperature control, high heat searing over cast iron cooking grids
  • Stainless steel sear plates for even heating and to keep your grill clean
  • Easy to clean stylish black exterior is highly durable
  • Superior rust resistance
  • Folding prep area
  • Smooth grip on control knobs
  • Instant, reliable ignition
  • Automatically relights
  • Enclosed cart design
  • Low profile lid retains heat and lifts easily
  • Integrated tool hooks
  • Built-in propane tank ring
  • Large chrome-plated warming rack
  • ACCU-PROBE temperature gauge
  • Dual level stainless steel sear plates
  • Optional cast iron charcoal tray

Pros & Cons of Napoleon Prestige Pro 500

Pros Cons
Great quality of burners and large cooking A little higher price tag
Build with stainless steel provides a classic look and is easy to clean Charcoal tray not included with purchase
With inbuilt illumination, gives you the freedom to cook any type of food whether at daylight or night
Large storage cabinet
Four heavy-duty caster wheels that lock in place
Great manufacturer warranty

Pros & Cons of Napoleon Rogue 425

Pros Cons
High-quality stainless steel burners Little tricky to access castors, well hidden beneath the base of the barbecue
Even, versatile heating Slightly uneven heat coverage on the cooking grate
Heavy porcelain-coated cooking grates
Wheels help maneuver it easily and castors lock it into place
Temperature gauge on the lid
Great manufacturer warranty

So Which Grill is Better–Napoleon Rogue 425 or Prestige Pro 500?

Which model is better—the Napoleon 425 or the Prestige Pro truly boils to your needs and budget.

Both grills come with similar features such as quick start ignition systems, storage areas, but the 425 grill is a budget-friendly model that uses propane as its fuel source, whereas the Prestige Pro 500 is a natural gas, infrared grill.

The Napoleon 425 as well as the Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 feature solid stainless steel bodies, are easy to clean, and come with superior quality burners.

Furthermore, both offer almost the same cooking area, but the Prestige Pro 500 comes with a convection roll top lid, an integrated ice bucket and cutting board, and a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

If you’re not hands-on with infrared grilling or just getting your feet wet with grilling, the Napoleon 425 grill has all the features you need for a great grilling experience including a built-in accurate ACCU-PROBE temperature gauge.

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