7 Best Meat Grinder For Bones In 2023 [Ultimate Guide & Tips]

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Bones meals are making a resurgence, and this time around it’s not just for nutritious dog bone meals, but also for athletes and fitness buffs eating bones in the form of bone meals.

Best Meat Grinder for Bones

In fact, bone broth was not too long ago was a popular item in restaurants and supermarkets across the country, and was even touted as a superfood by elite athletes including the late Kobe Bryant.

You can grind bones easily in a meat grinder, as long as you have the right model that’s up for the task.

That said, after some diligent research we’ve created a detailed guide on how to grind bones, and the best meat grinder for bones that you can trust will do the job right each time.

What Types of Bones can a Meat Grinder Grind?

The best bone meat grinder can grind bones of several different animals and birds including venison, pig, rabbit, and pigeon bones. However, you will have to take the necessary precautions to prevent damage to the meat grinder head and motor.

Home meat grinders can grind smaller animal bones without any hiccups such as chicken and rabbit soft bones.

But given that larger animals such as deer have larger, solid, dense and thick bones, you will need a powerful meat grinder for bones, one that offers high wattage coupled with sharp grinding blades.

The best bones to grind whether you’re making bone broth or dog bone meals are a mix of large, nutrient-rich beef or pork bones, beef femur bones, and uncooked bony parts of chicken.

Do You Need a Special Type of Meat Grinder for Bones?

You don’t really need a special type of meat grinder to grind bones, as all meat grinders are fitted with blades and motors to perform the task.

What you need to ensure is that the respective meat grinder model has the right amount of wattage, and durable blades to grind bones without causing short and long term damage to the grinder components.

You can even grind bones in a clamp-on meat grinder such as the LEM Products #10 Stainless Steel Clamp-on Hand Grinder.

But on the downside, grinding in a manual meat grinder will require a fair bit of effort, and needless to say will take a whole lot longer compared to using a powerful electric meat grinder for bones.

Apart from the motor and blades, and if you’re going to be grinding bones regularly, you should buy a bone meat grinder that features a robust build, and can rest sturdily on your counter during use.

Why to Go for a Meat grinder and Not a Bone Grinder for the Job?

Even if you’re only going to grind bones and nothing else, the biggest reason to choose a meat grinder over a bone grinder is the price tag.

Bone grinders are usually commercial grade machines that can cost upwards of $1000. The best home meat grinders offer twofold benefits —-they can not only grind meat into an assortment of textures, but also grind bones without costing you an arm and leg.

In fact, buying the best meat grinder for bone can actually save you a considerably large amount of cash, given that you don’t have to buy expensive meat at the butchers, and waste precious time making the trips.

Adding to this, store-bought ground meat isn’t always the freshest, and is more susceptible to food-disease, and contamination. So, if you want to grind fresh meat and bones without burning a hole in your pockets, a bone meat grinder is well worth the investment.

Best Meat Grinder for Bones

After researching several products in this segment, we’ve narrowed down on 7 best meat grinders for both, owing to their unsurpassed performance, versatility and service life.

1. LEM Products Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder

The LEM Big Bite meat grinder is in a league of its own with its integrated 110-volt permanently lubricated motor that reduces motor noise, and improves grease formulation.

Further, it is fitted with a 100 percent stainless steel motor housing, complete with metal gears and roller bearings for long service life.

The LEM Products Big Bite meat grinder is approved by the company for grinding chicken bones without voiding the manufacturer five-year warranty.

Users claim that the LEM Products Big Bite meat grinder can also grind turkey bones, as long as you use a cleaver chop them into smaller pieces.

The Big Bite meat grinder by LEM Products offers .5 horsepower, and is energy efficient at just 370-watts. It is equipped with a large 12-1/4” x 9-1/8” x 2-1/4” deep grinder meat pan, so you can stack and grind a large number of meat and bones at a time.

Adding to its long list of features is brushed steel finish, which enhances the grinder’s overall build quality, and also minimizes fingerprints.

The grinding head of the LEM Products Big Bite meat grinder features a riffling pattern, which allows you to push the meat and bones forward with less interaction.

It is ETL and UL certified, and is engineered to deliver a premium bone grind in a fraction of the time.

The LEM Products bone and meat grinder is factory fitted with a circuit breaker, which prevents the motor from heating.

It comes with several different accessories to start grinding bones and meat right out of the box including three stuffing tubes, a meat stomper, a stainless steel knife, head and auger, and coarse and fine stainless steel grinding plates.


  • .5 horsepower 110-volt lubricated motor
  • Stainless-steel motor housing, all metal gears with roller bearings
  • Heavy duty handle for easy transportation
  • Coarse and fine grinding plates included
  • Rifled head for less effort when grinding
  • Storage drawer
  • Can grind chicken and even chopped up turkey bones
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty


  • Lacks reverse functionality

2. ROVSUN Electric Meat Grinder

The Rovsun electric meat grinder is both a stylish and compact machine at just 0.3 ounces weight and 10.6 x 6.6 x 12.5 inches in size.

Even with its compact and lightweight footprint, the Rovsun bone meat grinder has a lot going on for it under its hood, starting with its robust 800-watt pure copper motor.

This class leading motor renders 1.2 horsepower, which allows it to easily grind bones of several different animals including chicken and venison. Adding to this, the Rovsun electric grinder can grind 2.2 lbs of meat and bone per minute, which is much quicker than other models in its segment.

It is available in three exciting colors — black, red and silver, and is fitted with a breaker, which prevents overheating of the motor. The Rovsun meat and bone grinder comes with four different cutting plates including fine, medium and coarse, allowing you to grind bones according to the texture you desire.

In the box, you also get several other accessories including three sausage attachments, a kibbe attachment, two 100% 420 grade stainless steel blades, a cleaning brush, and a food pusher.

Speaking of which, the Rovsun electric bone and meat grinder can be taken apart for thorough cleaning, which greatly reduces the chances of food contamination.

The included food pusher can be used to push the soft, chopped bones into the grinding head of the Rovsun electric meat grinder.

It also features a reverse function, which when triggered makes it easy to unclog the grinder in the event bones and meat get stuck in the grinder’s head.

The Rovsun meat and bone grinder is made from a mix of premium quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy, so it will serve you well for many years to come with proper care.


  • 3 colors to choose from
  • 2 100% 420 grade stainless steel blades included
  • 800-watt pure copper motor delivers 1.2 HP
  • Can grind 2.2 lbs of meat and bone per minute
  • Reverse function to unclog the machine


  • Parts aren’t dishwasher safe

3. Sunmile SM-G50 ETL Electric Meat Grinder

The Sunmile electric meat grinder is our #3 pick on this list of best meat grinders for bone, owing mostly to its class leading motor that offers 350-watt rated power, and 1000-watt max locked power.

This large size 12 bone and meat grinder is food grade and ETL certified, and comes with a large capacity tray, so you can grind more meat in one go.

Further, it features a polished cast aluminum grinding head, which allows you to grind small and large chopped up bones easily.

Additionally, the Sunmile meat grinder comes with three different cutting plates for coarse, medium and fine grinding textures.

It is easy to use with its dedicated On/Off switch, and features reverse functionality to unclog the grinder head.

The Sunmile meat grinder comes with a circuit breaker to prevent motor burnout when grinding bones, a stainless steel cutting blade, plastic food pusher, and a sausage maker.

All these parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning after you grind meat and/or bone. The Sunmile meat grinder can grind up to an impressive 200 lbs of meat per hour, and features a long power cord, which can be stored in the machine.


  • 350-watt rated power, and 1000-watt max locked power
  • Polished cast aluminum grinding head
  • ETL certified, and circuit breaker to prevent motor burnout
  • Can grind 200 lbs of meat per hour
  • Reverse functionality
  • Comes with stainless steel cutting blade, plastic food pusher, and sausage maker


  • Limited to only 1 color option

4. CAMOCA Meat Grinder

The Camoca meat grinder slots in at the #1 position on this list of bets meat grinders for grinding bones for several reasons, starting with its 2000-watt max locked power.

This sheer power allows the appliance to grind bones with ease and meat at an astounding five lbs per minute. Further, it is fitted with durable metal gears, which allows you to grind any kind of meat smoothly, be it chicken, pork, deer meat, etc.

The Camoca meat bone grinder comes with three stainless steel grinding plates, allowing to make fine, medium and coarse cuts.

Adding to this, the package also includes a 3 in 1 sausage stuffer tubes, so you can make tantalizing specialty sausages, meatloaf, meatballs, and much more right in the comfort of your home.

It is simple and safe to use, thanks to its onsite improved locking method with knob.

Further, the Camoca dog bone meal grinder features a dedicated reverse button, which when triggered allows you unclog the unit when meat and bones get stuck in the grinding head.

Another noteworthy feature of the Camoca meat grinder is its anti-overload and anti-overheat protection, which protect the grinder from damage.

The Camoca meat grinder is also equipped with a dual safety switch, which prevents the unit from starting accidently.


  • 2 stainless steel grinding plates
  • 2000-watts max power
  • Durable metal gears
  • Reverse button
  • Anti-overload and anti-overheat protection/dual safety switch


  • Limited to 1 color option

5. N/N Electric Meat Grinder

The N/N electric meat grinder is a budget friendly model, but has a lot going for it under its hood, starting with a 1200-watt copper motor.

It is engineered to grind and assortment of different meats and soft bones, and can grind up to 3.3 lbs of meat per minute, which is much faster than some higher priced models in this segment.

The N/N meat grinder boasts an elegant design, and is made from strong and durable stainless steel. Its trapezoidal design doesn’t just make it elegant and attractive, but also stable during use.

It is easy to operate with just three buttons — On/Off/Reverse, where the reverse feature unclogs the unit to prevent foods from getting stuck in the grinder head.

There’s even a fasten button located at the top of the grinder, which allows you to easily disassemble the parts for easy cleaning.

The N/N electric meat grinder comes with a plethora of accessories including a sausage stuffer, kubbe maker, two stainless steel cutting blades, a cookie maker, cutting plate cleaner set, and food pusher.

It features overheating protection for top notch safety, and features a food grade grinder head and food tray.

The N/N meat grinder is backed by low-speed spiral technology, which allows you to grind meat and bones without ruining the texture.


  • 1200-watt copper motor
  • 3 lbs of meat per minute grinding speed
  • On/Off/Reverse buttons
  • 2 stainless steel cutting blades
  • Low-speed spiral technology


  • Components aren’t dishwasher safe

6. Sunmile SM-G73 Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder

Another hit from the Sunmile hangar, the SM-G73 is a pocket-friendly model that comes with a few bells and whistles only available top models in this segment. It can be ordered in a choice of two great colors — white and black, and is powered by a 600-watt motor.

Additionally, the SM-G73 meat grinder by Sunmile is fitted with durable gears and gearbox, which result in smooth and efficient operation of grinding speeds of 185 lbs of meat per hour.

The Sunmile SM-G73 meat grinder is crafted from premium quality stainless steel, so it will serve you well for many years to come. Adding to this, it comes with a large #8 capacity tray, which allows you to grind more meat at one time.

The grinder head of the SM-G73 meat grinder by Sunmile is made from polished cast aluminum, and is ETL certified for safe use.

It comes with three different cutting plates for coarse, medium and fine grinding, all of which are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

The Sunmile SM-G73 electric meat grinder is fitted with a large On/Off/Reverse switch, and a locked circuit breaker to prevent any burnouts. It is backed by a one-year warranty against any manufacturer defects.


  • 2 color options
  • 600-watt motor
  • Durable gears and gearbox
  • 185 lbs of meat per hour grinding speed ‘
  • Grinds bones easily
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty


  • Food pusher quality could be improved

7. LOVIMELA Electric Meat Grinder

The LOVIMELA electric meat grinder arrives with a cost-efficient price tag, but doesn’t disappoint in terms of premium features. It is powered by a 2600-watt motor, and can grind up to three pounds of meat per minute.

Furthermore, it comes with several different accessories, so you can get grinding right out of the box including three grinding plates, three kubbe and sausage attachments, one blade, and food pusher.

All the attachments included with the LOVIMELA electric bone and meat grinder can be cleaned easily by simply rinsing them under water with a neutral detergent.


  • 2600-watt motor
  • 3 lbs meat per minute grinding speed
  • Comes with 3 grinding plates and 3 kubbe and sausage attachments
  • Easy to clean
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty


  • Screens may rust after washing, so dry them immediately

Meat Grinder for Bone – Buying Guide

What to Consider when Buying a Meat Grinder for Bones?

There are myriad different things to consider when buying the best meat grinder for bones, most notably:

Cutting blade (s) – this is perhaps the most important component to pay attention to when wading through the many bone grinder options, because it is responsible for doing the hard work, that is grinding the bones.

Cutting blades can be made from several different materials, but its important to steer clear of cheap meat grinders that come with poor quality blades.

Look for cutting blades made from stainless steel, as these are going to be reliable, strong and durable. Stainless steel cutting blades also stay sharp longer, and are also rust resistant, which is considerably important in terms of cleanliness, and sanitization.

Size of the bone grinder – it is also fairly important to consider the size of a respective meat grinder, because you want to buy a model that fits right on your countertop, so you can use it comfortably.

Durability – meat grinders can me expensive kitchen appliances, therefore it’s a good practice to read bone and meat grinder reviews of a specific model to gauge the durability of the product.

Even though some electric bone grinders come with plastic parts, they are not to be overlooked, given that most of the best models have metal frames and parts in the interior that perform the grinding task.

For bone grinders that offer superior durability, check out models with cast aluminum bodies, which is billed as a commercial grade material that can withstand heavy usage.

Manual vs. electric meat grinders – if you want to grind bone in a meat grinder, do not buy a manual meat grinder, as you’ll end up putting in a significant amount of effort to get the job done, and in worse cases may cause damage to the grinder head.

Power of meat grinder – when it comes to power, you’ve got several choices, but the higher the number, the easier and quicker the grinder will be able to grind both meat and bones.

It goes without saying that meat grinders that offers higher watts of power are going to come in with higher price tags, but on a brighter note grind meat and bones with ease, and without causing damage to the machine.

Meat grinder plates – the best meat grinder plates should come with a couple or more grinding plates, which basically are disc shaped plates that feature small, slotted holes.

Grinding plates allow you to achieve the desired texture whether you’re grinding meat or bone, and are available in an array of different sizes, most commonly coarse, medium and fine.

Reverse functionality – just as the name would suggest puts the meat grinder in reverse mode to remove any meat or bones that’s stuck due to the grinding process. Without the reverse feature, you will probably have to remove the clogged food by hand, which can be a daunting task to say the least.

Overload protection – this feature enhances the overall safety of a meat grinder by turning off the unit in the event overheating or overloading occurs, saving your motor from damage.

Accessories – several accessories are usually part of the package of most of the best meat grinder models such as a meat pusher, sausage making attachments, additional cutting blades, kubbe attachment, etc.

What to do if Bones Get Clogged in the Meat Grinder?

Whether you’re grinding bones or meat, you’re bound to have some clogging issues at some point. This is where the reverse feature of your meat grinder comes in handy!

Sometimes poorly chopped up bones is hard to process by the blades and grinding head of the grinder.

In this case and without reverse functionality, you will have to stop the grinding process, turn the meat grinder off, dissemble the parts, and remove all the stuck meat and bones carefully from the grinder.

With an onboard reverse switch, the job of freeing any stuck meat or coarse bones you can engage the reverse feature to unclog any meat or bone jams in the grinder.

Do You Need a Meat Pusher to Push the Bones Down?

When grinding bones in a meat grinder, you can drop them into the chute with your hands, but doing this doesn’t guarantee they will flow smoothly into the grinder head.

With a meat pusher, you can insert the chopped up bones into the chute, apply force with the meat pusher so that the bones don’t get stuck in the tunnel, but rather make their way down easily to the grinder head, and blade.

Tips for Grinding Bones in Meat Grinder

Grinding bones in a meat grinder works a bit differently than grinding soft meat, because the chances of clogging the machine are much higher.

  1. Assuming that you’ve already invested in a meat grinder that has the capability of grinding bones, you should first chop up the bones into smaller pieces, especially bones of larger animals.
  2. If you feel that the bones are too hard to chop, you may want to boil them to make them softer, and then insert them into the grinder.
  3. If you don’t want to risk damage to your meat grinder, you can buy a spare meat grinder from a thrift store to grind bones through one cycle to reduce the wear and tear on your regular bone and meat grinder.
  4. Refrain from feeding the bones in the meat grinder quickly, but it is best to insert them one at a time for smaller, as well as large bones.

This will ensure that the bones are ground well, and don’t get stuck in the grinder. Further, start off with the coarse grinding plate, and move to medium, and fine if needed.

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