Can You Cut Frozen Meat With A Meat Slicer?

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Cooking delicious meat comes at the price of extensive preparation! Washing and marinating are tasks enough, and cutting it becomes another hassle. Especially when it comes to frozen meat slicing, it is a cumbersome task. With the meat becoming hard and frozen, cutting through it isn’t very easy.

Can you cut frozen meat with a meat slicer

It is generally no advisable to cut a completely frozen meat with a meat slicer since a slice of frozen meat right out of a freezer is extremely hard and would damage the blades of the meat slicer. To cut frozen meat with a meat slicer you need to first thaw or defrost it for a while so that it is only about 20% frozen. At this stage it would be easiest to cut the meat with a meat slicer in desirable thickness.

How to cut frozen meat with a meat slicer?

An excellent quality meat slicer can really come to your rescue here. If you want to cut through rick hard frozen eat, a meat slicer is a way to go. Freezing the meat is equally important to keep it from getting spoilt. However, at the same time, no ordinary knife or meat slicer can cut through it.

There are several products, especially meant for frozen meat, that you could use to get the job done. Read along with the following simple tips that you can use to slice your frozen meat.

Method 1: Defrost the meat

The first step is to defrost the meat. Put the frozen meat into some water until it becomes soft. This is a very crucial step even though some frozen slicers say that they can cut hard rock meat. It is always better to defrost it in order to avoid any accidents.

This just makes the process much more comfortable. Water will defrost the meat and help loosen it up further. After defrosting, you can slice it into pieces easily. Just make sure that all bones are removed before you run it through the slicer.

Method 2: Microwave frozen meat

If you don’t want running water to over- soften the meat as some people desire, a simple trick can be to microwave it. Water can be time-consuming in the process of defrosting. This method is much faster and way more efficient.

Microwave your meat in defrost mode as many microwaves already provide that feature. If not, you can also use the regular microwave mode to heat it until defrosted. Make sure you don’t use the cooking feature for too long as it can over-cook the meat during actual cooking.

In hardly five minutes, you will have your defrosted meat, which you can then easily slice through the slicer.

Method 3: Thaw with metal pot and cut

If you’re in a massive hurry and you don’t have time, then you should go the traditional way. Thawing meat with a metal pot has been an age-old hack in the book. Here, you don’t even need to use a configured meat slicer. If you thaw your meat, any slicer can work.

Simply place your frozen meat in a bag and seal it. Place the sealed bag on a baking sheet and defrost in a pot of water. The temperature should be kept at room temperature so as not to cook up the meat. Place the metal pot on the steaks of the meat than to flatten it out between the sheets.

Thus, now you will have defrosted and evenly shaped meat ready to be sliced through your slicer.

Follow these simple steps to easily slice your meat while making sure it stays well enough to cook to perfection! A good slicer will definitely make the job much easier even when these tips are kept in mind. Here are some of the best-frozen meat slicers that you can check out to get started on your meat cooking expedition.

Best Meat Slicer for Frozen Meat

1. Befen Stainless Steel Frozen Meat Cutter

Befen Stainless Steel Meat CutterThe Befen frozen Meat cutter helps to cut a variety of raw meats like beef, chicken, lamb, ham, fish, etc. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this can be a good long term investment. It is easy to clean and can be well-maintained.

The plus point here is that the use of this slicer isn’t limited to just meat. You can even slice fresh vegetables like cabbage and onions using this. Thus, making it a utility food preparation tool with multi-purpose use.

Just, you need to keep few things in mind when using this slicer. For starters, definitely make sure you don’t use any food with bones in it while slicing. It doesn’t work the best with fully thawed meat. This a slicer meant for the more frozen meat that isn’t floppy. Clean thoroughly and do not use in dishwasher. In the case of slicing vegetables, do not slice foods with seeds like peaches, avocados, etc.


  • Multi-purpose slicer for meat and vegetables
  • Good slicer for frozen meat.


  • Does not offer some of the more sophisticated features

It is a good and pretty affordable slicer in its price range that you can choose if you’re getting started with handling meat. An overall good product for regular use!

2. Chefman Die-Cast Electric deli/food Slicer

Chefman Die-Cast Electric Deli Food Slicer

This is a high-quality, powerful slicer that you can use for a domestic as well as the semi-professional environment. With blades of serrated stainless steel, it has adjustable levels of thickness for meat slicing. This is one of the more sophisticated products with features that are more customizable and fine-tuned for your use.

This Deli slicer has a sleek design and the perfect size to fit regular kitchen countertops. The blades are retractable and removable, which makes cleaning really easy and makes it a long-lasting product. It incorporates safety features for easy slicing and also comes with a year of warranty on the product.


  • Good quality slicer with sophisticated features.
  • Customizable meat slicing.


  • Can be cumbersome for one who wants simple use.

Being a sharp and powerful model, this can be a great choice for those who cook and slice meat on the regular. It is a great option for professional and restaurant owners who need to carry out bulk slicing og meat. Customize your slices to get your meat to look exactly the shape you desire. This can help a lot with cooking presentation and size.

You can buy this sturdy model which can also be used for fruits and vegetables alike. Else you can have a look at our ultimate guide to best meat slicers in 2020 to find your best meat slicer.

Final Verdict

Choose from these slicers to start your meat slicing spree! Keep our tips for defrosting and thawing in mind in case you’re using any other mode for slicing. In any case, make sure you slice safely and keep the meat healthy and hygienic for consumption. Happy Cooking!

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